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TECOSMART – innovative self-adhesive foils for anyone who wants the scope to develop flexible and creative designs.

BauschLinnemann is launching the newly developed TECOSMART self-adhesive foil. This foil presents the market with a genuine product innovation:

TECOSMART is an self-adhesive foil with a paper-based decorative surface. TECOSMART foil can be easily applied to a surface by hand. It contains air-channel technology: excess air can escape already during the gluing process and bubbles of air can easily be pressed out by pushing them to the edges. Depending to the substrate TECOSMART can be removed at any time without leaving any residues.

TECOSMART conforms to the stable properties of finish foils in the furniture industry.The surface options available are virtually unlimited: lacquers are supplied in different gloss grades and finishes, options for chemical and mechanical embossing and much more besides. Our HAPTIC surface in finish foil quality is unique in our sector. The textures here create visual effect as well as being tangible to the touch.

TECOSMART is supplied in a width of 620 mm or 1250 mm as single colour, fantasy décor or wood-based design.

Benefit from this sophisticated idea when you are constructing your prototypes or repairing damaged furniture components.

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