TECOFOIL Finish foils in excellent design and surface quality

Our TECOFOIL products can be used for any applications requiring contemporary, endless finish foils to the highest quality specifications – in furniture, caravans or interior design.

TECOFOIL finish foils are printed specialist papers which are impregnated with duroplast resins and refined with environmentally friendly lacquer systems to create a highly resistant surface.
This substrate is primarily used to create authentic reproductions of fine woods as well as a wide range of imaginative decorative designs and hues in single colours.

The surface options available are virtually unlimited: lacquers are supplied in different gloss grades and finishes, options for chemical and mechanical embossing and much more besides.
Our HAPTIC surface in finish foil quality is unique in our sector. The textures here create visual effect as well as being tangible to the touch.
And if you happen to need small batches – just-in-time – we offer you a very special service with TECOFOIL-Speed. This selection includes availability of classic evergreens with wood-based decors to match current trends and attractive single colours.

The TECOFOIL product range naturally allows you to design your individual decor. You will find the ideal product finish to suit your purpose: fully impregnated, preimpregnated, wrapping, priming, balancing and door-frame foils.

We will be delighted to advise you on the product that is ideal for your application and will pass effortlessly through your machines!


Universal finish foil for coating flat wood-based materials in the furniture industry, in interior design and similar applications.


Flexible finish foil, manufactured from preimpregnated specialist papers.
TECOFOIL V is ideal for use in flat applications and wrappings.


High-quality wrapping foil with finish surface. The high level of flexibility makes TECOFOIL S an ideal material for profile and panel wrappings, and for some 3D sections.


The TECOFOIL B priming foil forms the ideal base for high-quality lacquer because it has no finish surface.
TECOFOIL G is a brown balancing foil which prevents warping of the substrate with single-sided finish foils or veneer coating, or alternatively serves as a barrier medium for surfaces that are not visible.


Flexible door-frame foil with particularly elegant surface finish.
TECOFOIL T features a special surface stability.


Wrapping foil highly resistant to abrasion in AC1 and AC3 quality for transition rails with excellent formability with radii from 1-2 mm.


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