TECOPRINT – printed decorative papers to suit market needs and match trends

TECOPRINT printed decor papers are mainly processed in the wood-based materials industry and in laminated materials. They are impregnated with melamine resins and compressed with a wood-based material – generally chipboard or MDF board – to form decor boards. The decor boards are then used in the furniture and flooring industries for interior design.

Decor papers are made from white or coloured specialist papers of different weights which have to meet very high specifications. For example, paper grade, colour stability and tear strength are significant factors in determining the product quality.

The decor papers are printed in widths of 0.65-2.23 m at our decor printing facility using our own printing cylinders and a rotogravure process with water-based colours. Apart from high-quality paper, an excellent printed image also requires outstanding artwork and colour separation – we are continually developing this in-house. Digital samples also permit fast creative implementation of your colour schemes.

This quality-oriented design process combines with our decor development, suppliers and you as the customer to create unique decor creations that are unsurpassed. We create classics and trendy decors to meet market demand while demonstrating a unique character of their own. Our design portfolio includes decors based on wood and stone, as well as imaginative, creative decors and natural, contemporary metallic colour  schemes.

We also cooperate with refining companies to create new surfaces. It might be matt-gloss effects, synchropores, tactile surfaces or classic textures – we look forward to advising you on which surface is best suited to your furniture and will give your decor boards that unique look and feel. Challenge us!

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