The harmonized design products for you applications

We provide you with harmonized decor and surface solutions in coordinated colour schemes from floor to ceiling:

 - Printed decor papers

 - Finish foils

 - Melamine impregnated edgebandings

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- self-adhesive foils

BauschLinnemann products are synonymous with superlative quality throughout the world. They are based on specialist paper bleached with an elemental chlorine-free process and manufactured from regenerative wood. The paper is printed, impregnated and varnished with water-based colours, resin and varnish systems.

The right decor for all tastes:
The visual appeal and tactile feel to our papers are a good fit with real wood and other material systems. Thousands of different designs and more than one hundred different surface finishes are supplied to make your individual aspirations a reality. For example, wood-based finishes ranging from maple to cedar in the latest colour schemes, imaginative fantasy decors, single colours and a steady stream of new surface versions with extraordinary effects.

Areas of applications:
You will mainly find our products in living spaces, teenager’s rooms and bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, caravans and floors, doors, skirtings and panelling, as well as in interior designs and defining the profile of furniture.

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