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Our decors bring the latest trends to your surfaces.

Our decors bring the latest trends to your surfaces.

Good design is not an accident but the result of a process of creative origination where we are continually investing and most importantly where we integrate our customers – as well as paper manufacturers, cylinder engravers, impregnating companies, and pressed-plate manufacturers.

The rapid changes that occur through time are continually creating requirements for new designs which have to be implemented as quickly as possible. Our trend and decor development is therefore always looking for modern textures with strong characters that can be developed further into unique decorative designs. We create classics and trendy decors to meet market demand and which demonstrate their own character and have a distinct profile. Our design portfolio includes decors based on wood and stone, as well as imaginative, creative decors and natural, contemporary metallic schemes in single colours.

The printed decors from SURTECO DECOR are refined at BauschLinnemann to create finish foils and edgebandings or are supplied as printed decorative papers to the wood-based processing industry.

Our decorative designs are refined worldwide to create surfaces that influence the visual appearance of furniture, kitchens, flooring and other products of interior design.

Take a look and see for yourself the options offered by our decorative innovations!

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