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SURTECO SE Group partner: Strong network of surface specialists.

SURTECO SE is a leading global provider of surface technologies in the area of decorative flat foils and edgebandings based on specialist papers for technical applications and plastics. The objective of SURTECO SE is to continue expanding its global presence through internal and external growth in this area.

The Group network creates additional synergies for flexibility, product range and cost-effectiveness through cooperation between BauschLinnemann, SURTECO DECOR and Döllken – the plastic edgebanding specialists, Gislaved – the plastic foil specialist manufacturer, the foil and edging producer Kröning and SURTECO art.

Customers proactively benefit from the decor network. They transfer to one company in this strong network the decorative design and colour cooperation with other Group partners. The advantage is obvious: The customer has just one contact and saves valuable time. Decor and colour specifications only have to be defined once. Further harmonization and implementation in different product qualities is then carried out internally within the Group. This is where the strengths of the network are demonstrated: SURTECO offers the know-how and the expertise on harmonizing products made of plastic and paper with coordinated colour and decor across the company.

The SURTECO SE product portfolio also includes melamine films, roller-shutter systems, skirtings, specialist extrusions (profiles) and commercial goods for sale in DIY stores. But the best aspect about the network is that the global and closely integrated sales network and international production locations guarantee uniform certainty of supply and support for our customers across the world.

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