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BauschLinnemann: Decor and surface expertise from a single source.

BauschLinnemann provides you with coordinated decor and surface solutions from a single source – coordinated decorative design from floor to ceiling. This service is unique in our sector.
Our expertise and skills start with individual decor development, continue through the process of refinement to the finished surface.
Our range covers flat foils, wrapping or floor foils and melamine edgings - any application can be transformed into reality in furniture and interior design, flooring or property development, for caravan design or in other areas of the wood-based manufacturing industry.

Perfectly tailored solutions.

BauschLinnemann is a heritage company that has been a world market leader in finish foils and edgebandings for many decades. High levels of product quality, short delivery times, flexibility in all areas and an excellent service ethos are an integral part of our philosophy. Ultimately, these are the factors that have driven the success of our company.
A global sales network and international production locations guarantee uniform supply certainty and support for our customers right across the world.  More than 300 people work at our head office in Sassenberg to ensure our joint success.

BauschLinnemann and SURTECO DECOR (Bausch Decor before) have had a common roadmap since 2009. This has brought major benefits for customers through completely coordinated surface decors and edgebandings from a single source.

SURTECO DECOR is synonymous with technical expertise, contemporary creative design and decors to match the latest trends and market developments for furniture, kitchens and the flooring industry.

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